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Q: What is
A: It's a website. Next...

Q: What is the purpose of
A: To provide useful and interesting stories about technology and how it ineteracts with our lives. This will include reviews, tips, tricks, help, opinions, politics, and the occasional kitchen sink will also be thrown in.

Q: Aren't you kind of like that other site....filling the blank here.[com | net | org]?
A: Yeah, most likely we are a lot like them. But when you are a programmer who thinks that you can do a better job that the other weblogs that are out tend to roll your own.

Q: What runs
A: currently runs on a Slackware Linux Web server running Apache and PHP. The database behind the site also runs on Slackware box running MySQL.

Q: Who is Menelaus?
A: It's really, it is. Don't you recognize me? Menelaus is a handle that I have used for the past 8 years and has always stuck. It started back in college when I was reading Homer's Illiad. The red-haired lord of the battle cry seemed to fit the personality so I went with it.

Q: Who is Hobbes from Hobbes' Lickable Link?
A: Hobbes was my labrador retriever. I needed some sort of graphic for the links section so I decided to feature him. Hobbes unfortunately is no longer with us after developing osteosarcoma, a very deadly bone cancer in dogs.

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